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Thank you

2021 Gratitude Sale

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Thank you

I am thankful for you

Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to say thank you to all of my clients who have supported my business over the last 9 years. 

Most of you have heard me talk about the movie “The Secret” and how important that I believe it is to live your life thinking positively, feeling grateful, and putting out to the universe what you would like to happen in your life. 

Because I am grateful that you are a loyal client of Linde Esthetics, I am super excited to share this special offer with you: 

The more you buy, the more you save

Purchase one product, save 10%,
purchase two products, save 20%,
purchase three products, save 30%,
purchase four or more product, save 40%.

That’s right, you can save up to 40% off skin care, body care, and essential oils. Mix and match. Circadia Advanced Professional Skincare, Face Reality Skincare, Plant Therapy Essential Oils, Baby Foot USA, and Bump Eraiser. It’s all on sale. Use the link below to browse the current inventory.

Link to current inventory

Remember This special pricing is only available the week of November 28th. Use the scheduling link below to reserve a time to shop.  If you know what you want, email a list of those products and I will bag them up for you ahead of time.  Don’t forget, we can also ship your choices to you.

Share this special offer with everyone you know. -Windy