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The Best Waxing in Springfield MO

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Choose Linde Esthetics for the best waxing in Springfield

Hair Removal 101

When it comes to hair removal for your face or body you have a few choices. Waxing, sugaring, threading, electrolysis, IPL and laser hair removal are all effective ways to remove unwanted hair.

  • Waxing- the removal of hair by the root using a sticky substance known as soft or hard wax
  • Tweezing- the removal of hair by the root using tweezers
  • Sugaring- the removal of hair using a substance made from sugar, water and lemon juice
  • Threading- the removal of hair using a twisted tread
  • Electrolysis- the only permanent form of hair removal
  • IPL- intense broadband pulsed light to retard hair growth
  • Laser- high-intensity monochromatic light to retard hair growth

While all of the above methods are effective, waxing is the preferred method at Linde Esthetics, located in the heart of Chesterfield Village, in Springfield MO. We use low-temperature waxes imported from Italy. We truly believe waxing is the best and we make it a wonderful spa experience.

Soft Wax or Hard Wax

Wax comes in two varieties: Soft or Hard. In our local market soft wax has traditionally been the go-to wax type. It requires a strip to remove the hair and we recommend for it to be applied thinly on large areas. Once the wax cools, it is carefully but firmly pulled from the skin, taking the wax and the hair with it. Over the last few years, hard wax or hot wax has been gaining in popularity. Hard wax is applied in a thicker layer, and then hardens before its removed. Unlike soft wax, hard wax is removed without a strip. The wax is quickly pulled off the skin, removing the hairs without sticking to the skin. Both types of wax are amazing and can be used on face or body.

Waxing Services

We proudly offer both facial and body waxing for men and women. Choose from the following: eyebrow, lip, chin, nasal, ears, full face, underarms, arms, torso, chest, stomach, back, female bikini, female Brazilian, and legs. Your wax appointment begins with an initial client intake to confirm you are a good candidate for waxing.

Next, we will answer any questions you have regarding service before we begin. We work with you and your comfort level. You will never feel pressured to get a service you are not ready for. Then we will choose the wax that will work best in the area we will be working on. We always have your well-being in mind. At the end of the appointment, we will go over the do’s and don’ts of post-wax care. And, a relaxation massage follows an eyebrow wax.

How to Schedule

We have done our best to make it as simple as possible to schedule a waxing service with Linde Esthetics in Springfield MO. You can call 417-886-5463, email, schedule at checkout, send a message using the Contact form on the website or schedule your appointment anytime 24/7 using the scheduler Vagaro. Scheduling at checkout and Vagaro are our preferred methods.

*Schedule your appointment every 3-6 weeks. This time frame allows for the best results.

If you have questions about waxing that were not covered, please reach out. We are here for you.

As always, be beautiful, feel fabulous,

Windy Linde