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Introducing our newest Esthetician

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We have started this year off right. We have added new staff to better accommodate service request. As a lot of you found out last year, we were extremely limited in same week service availability.

Meliah Hall at Linde Esthetics
Meliah Hall

Maleah Hall, Esthetician

Maleah is a recent graduate of the Paul Mitchell -The School esthetics program. She also just completed an intensive week of hands-on facial waxing and body waxing training from Windy Linde, the lead esthetician at Linde Esthetics.

How did you find Linde Esthetics and what made you want to work here?

I came across Linde esthetics by one of my school advisors posting a job opening on our Facebook page. Towards the end of my schooling, I formed a love for waxing, and the job opening available was for a waxing specialist so I found that it fit what I was looking for!

What are the waxing services that you’ll be offering at Linde Esthetics?

I will be offering facial waxing and full body waxing. You can see the full list of waxing services here.

Does waxing hurt?

Yes, but not in the horrible, unbearable way most people think! We are pulling your hair out so there is obviously some discomfort. The first time you wax you will be the most sensitive, but the next time gets a little better, then even better the next time after that. Very few people have sensitivity that lingers longer than a few hours.

What other services will you be offering?

At this time there are only a few other services I will be offering. They include eyebrow tinting, eyelash tinting, eyelash lifts, as well as a brightening and ingrown hair treatment for the underarms and bikini.

What is your favorite service to perform?

By far my favorite service to perform is eyebrow waxing and eyebrow shaping. When I help someone find the perfect brow shape for their face, I feel like I am truly helping them to look their best.

What is your availability?

Generally speaking, I will be available Tuesday through Friday from 9am until 2pm., and every other Saturday from 10am through 3pm. You can schedule an appointment with me by using this link.

When will you start taking clients at Linde Esthetics?

I am waiting for the state to issue the necessary paperwork. I hope to start taking new clients next Tuesday, January 21st.

Linde Esthetics Business Information

Linde Esthetics is a studio spa located in the heart of Chesterfield Village in SW Springfield Missouri. Specialties include facial waxing, body waxing, corrective skin care, acne treatments, and relaxation massage. 3853 S Cox Rd, Springfield MO 65807 417-886-5463

How to schedule your appointment at Linde Esthetics

  • Call 417-886-5463, please leave a message if we are unable to answer
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