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Advanced Facial, chemical peel

Peel Season

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When the weather cools down… Peel season begins

Facial Chemical Peel
Liquid chemical peels refine the appearance of skin
I have been a practicing esthetician for almost 22 years, and like clockwork… I watch the industry, and clients do certain things at the same time every year.

Peel season is my absolute favorite.
October brings cooler days, and less intense sun. That makes October through March the perfect time to get a peel. Peels are a great way to erase summer sun damage, freshen up dull skin, lose a layer of nasty dead skin and just look overall FRESH!  

More than that, peels can plump up fine lines and creases, as well as lighten hyper pigmentation.
 I understand that chemical peels can be scary and intimidating, and past experiences can turn people off. I also know firsthand that it does not have to be this way. Choose a professional who knows your skin, understands the best treatments for you, and most importantly, one you feel comfortable and at ease with.

 Chemical peels should not be scary and intimidating. They definitely shouldn’t leave you concerned things won’t turn out right. With 8 peels in the back bar , the right peel will be matched to your skin concerns and conditions. And, if a liquid peel is not right for your skin, we still have other options

October Special

During the month of October, schedule a Signature Facial and I will upgrade it to an Advanced Facial.
*The exact peel will be determined at the time of service.
*For optimal results, home care is essential.