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4/15/2020 Update

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Today is April 15th. Under normal circumstances, it would be Tax Day. Well, not this year. It just another Wednesday in the middle of the month.

After listening to both our Governer and Greene County officials, we are hopeful we will reopen soon. As of now, we are mandated closed until April 25th. If there are no changes, our plan is to return to work on Monday, April 27th.

As soon as we have been given the okay to reopen, we will personally call each client who had an appointment scheduled during our “Shelter at Home” order. Chances are you already have an appointment scheduled for the end of April or May. You may keep this appointment, or move it to another day as the schedule allows.

We have missed your beautiful faces and can’t wait to see you again soon.

As always, be beautiful, feel fabulous,

Windy Linde, Owner of Linde Esthetics