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Wax away unwanted facial and body hair

Waxing is a safe and effective way to rid yourself of unwanted hair. At Linde Esthetics w use a combination of both soft and hard wax to remove hair in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. For best results we recommend waxing every 3-6 weeks for soft, smooth, hair-free skin.

Ultimate Brows$50
Eyebrow Shaping$45
Eyebrow Maintenance$35
Eyebrow Maintenance + Lip$45
Lip + Chin$30
Female* Full Face$55
Male Eyebrow$25
Male Eyebrow + Nasal$35
Male Eyebrow + Ears$35
Half Arms$30
Full Arms$60
Half Leg$45
half Leg + Knees$55
Male** Chest$45
Male** Stomach$30
Male** Torso$110
Female Basic Bikini$50
Female* Betweeny Bikini$65
Female* Brazilian Bikini$80
Female* Just the Bum$30
Female* Between the Cheeks $30
*persons with female anatomy only **persons with male anatomy only
Ultimate Brows

Eyebrow wax + eyebrow tint

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow shaping, eyebrow rehab, or 5+ weeks of hair growth

Eyebrow Maintenance

Eyebrow wax maintenance, -5 weeks of hair growth


Upper lip wax

Brow Maintenance + Lip

Eyebrow wax + upper lip wax


Jawline or chin wax

Chin + Lip

Chin wax + upper lip wax


Cheek or sideburn wax


Nose wax (no, we do not put wax sticks up your nose)

Female Full Face

Eyebrow maintenance wax, upper lip wax, chin wax, + sideburn/cheek wax

The Professional Male

Male brow, nasal + ear wax

Male Eyebrow

Real men wax.  Includes the unibrow and under brow clean up.

Male Eyebrow + Nasal

Male eyebrow + nasal


Hair on the ear lobe and ears (not inside ear canal)

Male Eyebrow + Ears

Male eyebrow + ears


Both underarms

Half Arms

Arms from elbow to wrist

Full Arms

Both full arms

Half Legs

Half legs wax (below the knee)

Half Legs + Knee

Half legs wax (lower leg + knee)


Stomach wax

Male Chest

Chest wax


Only the shoulders


Full back wax

Male Torso

Complete torso wax

Female Basic Bikini

Bikini wax (only removes hair that falls outside panty line)

Female Betweeny Bikini

Betweeny bikini wax is customized. It is more than a bikini wax, but less than a Brazilian wax.

Female Brazilian

Brazilian bikini wax removes as much hair as desired (includes the bum).

Female Just the Bum

Just the Bum wax removes hair from the bum cheeks

Female Between the Cheeks

Between the Cheeks wax removes the hair from the bum crack.

For more information about the different kinds of bikini waxing click here.