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Waxing: Prep your skin to get the best results

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Lip wax at Linde Esthetics
Waxing is a safe way to remove unwanted hair

Waxing is a popular option for keeping your skin smooth and hairless for weeks, but it shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Whether you’re waxing a smaller area like your eyebrows and upper lip or you’re getting a larger expanse such as your legs, back or chest waxed, your skin needs some prep to minimize your discomfort and help you achieve the best results. To make sure you’re ready for your next waxing appointment at Linde Esthetics, here is the best way to prepare.

  • To get the best results, your hair should be at least ¼” long. This takes the average person 2+ weeks from the last time they shaved. A good comparison for this measurement is about the length of a grain of rice. Let the hair grow out to about a half-inch above the skin. If hairs are too short, the wax won’t adhere strongly enough to pull them out.
  • Refrain from taking a shower or bath immediately before the treatment. Soaking the hair will soften it, allowing it to break more easily and making waxing less effective.
  • Do not apply lotion to the skin before your waxing session.
  • If you are a female client, schedule your waxing service the first two weeks after your cycle. Your sensitivity level is a lot less during this time.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can stimulate, making you more sensitive and may increases the redness after waxing.
  • Pregnancy also increases sensitivity.
  • We do not advise shaving between appointments. After the first wax, as long as you do not shave between services, you’ll find the second wax to be more comfortable.
  • Shaving just once may reverse all that is gained from waxing. Once you have been waxing on a regular 4-week cycle you will begin to see the benefits of finer, lesser hair growth and increased time without regrowth.
  • Gently exfoliate every day in the shower with a dry brush or scrub mitt, this helps to keep the skin surface free from cellular buildup, which can trap hair. We also carry both exfoliating gloves and a topical serum which helps prevent ingrown hair and lightens skin from any discoloration they may cause. These products are available at our Chesterfield Village location.
  • Last, there are some OTC products that help numb the skin that can be applied topically prior to your wax.  We offer Relax & Wax No Scream Cream for purchase for this purpose.

If you have questions that are not covered in this blog, please reach out to me. I’m here to help.

As always, be beautiful, feel fabulous

Windy Linde

Waxing is safe and effective, and there are very few side effects for most people. However, certain medications and skin types are more susceptible to problems than others, so please consult with a doctor if you have any concerns. It is important to let us know prior to your appointment as well as the esthetician performing your service if you are using Accutane*, Retin-A, Tazorac, or any other topical or oral medications. Using certain medications and topical creams or gels may affect the outcome of a waxing service.

*We cannot wax you if you are on Accutane or for 12 months after ceasing to use Accutane.