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What is a signature facial and why should I want to get one

What is a Signature Facial and why should I want get one?

What is a signature facial

A Signature Facial is a specific facial, developed by a business that utilizes specific resources, delivers the desired results, and meets the needs of the client. This will mean different things at different skin care studios as each location unique. Here at Linde Esthetics, it means after a thorough consultation, we will build a professional facial regimine to meet each clients distinctive individual needs utilizing all of the professional skincare products and tools in our backbar.

Is my signature facial different than someone else’s signature facial

Every facial performed at Linde Esthetics is solely based on the needs of each specific client, so no two are exactly alike. The Signature Facial usually falls into one of the following categories: Hydrating, Calming, Brightening, Age Management, Balancing or Rejuvenating.

How do you customize a facial

After a thorough consultation, the exact steps and specific products will be chosen to complete the facial. There is no cookie cutter facial. You the client are always our first priority.

Is this facial right for me

Yes, this facial is right for your because it it completely based on your answers in the consultation questionnaire.

Dermaplaning can be added to most Signature Facials

Each Signature Facial contains some type of exfoliation to eliminate dull skin cells stuck to the surface of the skin. In place of a physical exfoliation (microdermabrasion), or chemical exfoliation (enzyme peel or lactic acid peel), dermaplaning can be substituted as long as there are no contraindications.

What does a typical Signature Facial consist of

While each facial is as unique as the client getting it, the Signature Facial does follow a protocol. It includes a relaxing and deep cleansing facial massage, cleanse, exfoliation of dead skin cells, extractions if needed, a treatment mask or 2, active serums, moisturizers and hydrators, and skin protectors like SPF and Vitamin C.

If you have other questions about Signature Facials, please reach out. We are here to help. (417)886-5463

I visited Linde Esthetics and received a Calming Signature Facial by Windy. I have not gotten a facial in a VERY long time as I have received some not-so-great ones that left me cautious to try it again. In sharing my apprehensions with Windy during a massage session, she shared about the Calming Signature Facial as she felt it would best meet my skin care needs (i.e. sensitive skin, redness, some dry spots, etc.). I decided to give it a try! Windy was great about explaining each step to me and forewarn me about things that may surprise me, like the use of the cold roller at the end of the soothing mask. WOW! That was really cold, then felt really good after the first pass across my face! Within my experience, there were 9 steps, start to finish. I have to say my favorite part of of the Signature Facial was the Chocolate enzyme peel. It smelled like rich chocolate pudding…on my face! There were definitely some great smells throughout the experience! My least favorite part was the extractions part where Windy used a looped tool to extract the yuck from my pores that were clogged. It was a bit ouchy, even with the warning beforehand from Windy, but definitely worth it to get the gunk out! Overall, it was a great experience! I have been really impressed with the care, professionalism, and well-being/skin care advice I have received from Windy over the years! I highly recommend visiting Linde Esthetics to see what they can offer you to meet your skin care needs.

Christina C